1. Order need-to-knows

    ¡¤You can send your samples to us through express delivery or inform our business personnel to take your samples back at a certain place. We will inform you our offer within a day and if the offer is accepted, we will arrange the design and producing of the samples in time. When printing is needed, it takes 3 days to design and produce samples; otherwise the samples can reach your hands within 2 days.
   ¡¤ When the price is concluded and you are in the process of sending your order to us, we kindly remind you of paying attention to the following:

1).Please sign on the samples from us together with the representative of our Company. Each of us will keep one sample and they will serve as the basis of products receiving when we deliver products to you.

2).Please sign an order contract with our company's representative. The contract shall make clear delivery date and payment term to ensure both parties' benefits.

3).After the signing of contract, we need you to pay a deposit of 30%-50% to arrange the products' manufacturing. You can either transfer the deposit to our account or inform our representative to collect the deposit at your place.

4).If the quantity of ordering products is small, say, 300 or 500, we will extra charge clients 100-200 Yuan RMB as for printing plate expense. Orders over 1000 are free for the above mentioned printing plate charge.:

Either fax your materials to us or send them by Email: sz@szcaihong.com.

2. Payment

Our Account:
Account Name: Shenzhen Rainbow Non-woven Cloth Co., Ltd:
Account No: 410013010002322
Bank of Deposit: Xin Guangchang Branch of Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank

Personal Account:
Qu Pingfan; HengGang Branch Bank, Agricultural Bank of China;
Account NO: 95599 8012 02595 10317
Qu Pingfan; HengGang Branch Bank, China Construction Bank;
Account NO: 4367 4272 0047 2941 699
Qu Pingfan; HengGang Branch Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China;
Account NO: 95588 04000 1388 44358

Clients are welcome to visit our samples rooms and plant.

Address: NO. 5 Plant, WoDu Village Industrial,HengGang Town of LongGang Area ,Shenzhen

Welcome to the Rainbow you please fill out the following products orders :

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